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Fee Schedule: Acoustic Guitars

Minimum bench fee $25

Restring, oil fingerboard, polish and tune $25

Setup (Standard) $55

Setup (12-String) $75
Install bone nut or saddle $55
Replace tuners $30
Install acoustic pickup $75
Crack repair (per inch) $25+
Brace reglue (per brace) $40+
Bridge reglue $130+
Neck reset (Martin) $350+
Neck reset (Gibson/Guild) $475+
Neck reset w/ refret (Martin) $750+
Neck reset w/ refret (Gibson/Guild) $800+
Fret level (includes set-up) $100
Refret (Standard) $250
Refret (Bound neck) $375
Refret (Vintage) $375+
Additional cleaning fee $25*
For rush service (when available), add an additional 50% to standard repair fee

Standard setups are $55 plus strings and include the following:

  • restring with your choice of strings
  • clean and/or oil fingerboard
  • check and adjust intonation
  • check tuners and all hardware
  • adjust truss rod if needed
  • check and adjust nut slots
  • check and adjust string height
  • check electronics and pickups
  • check frets for wear and uniformity *Prices based on a repair labor rate of $55 per hour and apply to guitars in otherwise good working order. Actual prices may vary depending on your guitar. Parts, strings, rush fees are an additional charge. We take a lot of pride in our repair shop and we will go the extra mile to make sure our customers are satisfied!